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Products at CEMIX are 100% locally manufactured. Our main streamline of products is Ready Mix Concrete of all Classes, from 15 N/mm2 – 75 N/mm2 at 28 days composite strength. CEMIX concrete is produced according to international and national standards including BS, ASTM, ACI, DIN and EN. The different classes of concrete include - Durable Concrete, Pressed Stressed Concrete, Self Compacted Concrete, Grout Concrete, Screed Concrete and Normal Concrete.

Composition and Materials used:

As required by each project specifications we use three (3) classes of cement including OPC, MSRC and SRC, GGBS.

Aggregates and Materials

  • R.A.K and Tarmac materials and other materials which comply with BS 182.

  • Washed Sand is used in the mix design, in spite its high cost which is 3 times more than the natural sand, because its silt content is less than 3%, so as to comply with BS 812.

  • Fine Dune Sand from Al Ain area

  • Water is used as per required w/cm ratio, supplied from Al Ain Distribution Company, with quality control testing for the chloride, sulphate, TDS and PH as required. Water is stored in an underground tank, which has a capacity of 150,000 gallons.

Chemicals and Admixtures


According to each project specifications, we use all families of liquid chemicals including:

  • R - Retarder Material

  • S - Super Plasticizer

  • P - Plasticizer

  • W - Water Proofing Agent

  • A - Adva flow for S.C.C

  • P - Pure Super Plasticizer

As required for each mix design, we use different types of mineral admixtures including GGBS, Micro Silica, Fly Ash and super pooz and any other materials as required by the consultants. All materials are checked for chemical and physical properties such as sulphate and chloride content, grading line test, silt content, elongation, flakiness and specific gravity.

About Us

Established in the year 2002, Cement Enterprises & Ready Mix (CEMIX) Sole Prop. L.L.C is a leading producer and supplier of ready mix concrete and aggregates. CEMIX was established as a result of extensive research based on the market demand for cement related products in the UAE.

With satellite facilities across UAE, CEMIX has grown into one of the largest ready mix producers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi including Al Ain and the Western region. CEMIX caters to a wide variety of applications that

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Cement Enterprises & Ready Mix (CEMIX) Sole Proprietorship L.L.C

P.O. Box 24951, Al Ain,
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Tel : +971 3 7222770
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Email : info@cemix.ae
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